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Get it here: 20+ fully colored and sketched fairy tail art work

Stalking another couple with my lover in the snow immerses me in a special feeling , i love it                                        -Bixlow-

#1; knight


summary; he supposed he could be her knight 

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Fairy tail: dragon fan | by diebitch2947

The Scoop, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction >>

Summary: Everyone has a story to tell, a hidden chapter of their lives locked away itching to tell the world. Some more dangerous than others. And it’s her job to tell that story. 

Pairing: Levy McGarden x Gajeel Redfox


Little blue devil and little blue angel

hey peeps I have a society6 account now!! It’s been up for a while, but I just got round to putting ALL my prints on it.
»» http://society6.com/tsukiakari ««
There’s some original art on there too, and some iPhone cases. I miiiight do something w/ my button sets too idk yet
please signal boost, some unexpected college application related expenses came up and I need a bit of help paying for them. I’ll be opening up 
thank you!!!

Against the Current Chapter 4, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction >>



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This is for Fairy tail crackship week!
8D I’m so happy to take part in this! So for my darling little crackship I choose Justsu~ (Natsu X Juvia) Can’t put out flames without water~
10/27 -first encounter.
Natsu and Juvia have always talked to each other when they got the chance. They became close when they both notice that fact that Lucy and Gray’s feelings for one another grew much deeper. Also for NAtsu he could clearly see that Lisanna was happier with her siblings and Bixlow. Juvia’s heart felt heavy with sorrow, her eyes pours out tears and the continuous rain fell. Natsu confronted Juvia, doing what he does best. Putting smiles on people’s faces. Not long before then the rain stopped and Juvia continued to stay with Natsu. Realizing that that his fiery personality is some beautiful that she wants to keep in her life.