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New fairy tail episodes

I watch the new episodes on anilinkz.com

striderblades said: where can i watch the new fairy tail? the one that came out this month. i bet crunchyroll but can you please explain that website im sorry i know i have much to learn but im new to this. i finished the first fairy tail just fyi

kissanime has the latest episodes in v good quality when they come out!! 


Get it here: 20+ fully colored and sketched fairy tail art work

Stalking another couple with my lover in the snow immerses me in a special feeling , i love it                                        -Bixlow-

#1; knight


summary; he supposed he could be her knight 

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Fairy tail: dragon fan | by diebitch2947

The Scoop, a fairy tail fanfic | FanFiction >>

Summary: Everyone has a story to tell, a hidden chapter of their lives locked away itching to tell the world. Some more dangerous than others. And it’s her job to tell that story. 

Pairing: Levy McGarden x Gajeel Redfox


Little blue devil and little blue angel

hey peeps I have a society6 account now!! It’s been up for a while, but I just got round to putting ALL my prints on it.
»» http://society6.com/tsukiakari ««
There’s some original art on there too, and some iPhone cases. I miiiight do something w/ my button sets too idk yet
please signal boost, some unexpected college application related expenses came up and I need a bit of help paying for them. I’ll be opening up 
thank you!!!