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This is for Fairy tail crackship week!
8D I’m so happy to take part in this! So for my darling little crackship I choose Justsu~ (Natsu X Juvia) Can’t put out flames without water~
10/27 -first encounter.
Natsu and Juvia have always talked to each other when they got the chance. They became close when they both notice that fact that Lucy and Gray’s feelings for one another grew much deeper. Also for NAtsu he could clearly see that Lisanna was happier with her siblings and Bixlow. Juvia’s heart felt heavy with sorrow, her eyes pours out tears and the continuous rain fell. Natsu confronted Juvia, doing what he does best. Putting smiles on people’s faces. Not long before then the rain stopped and Juvia continued to stay with Natsu. Realizing that that his fiery personality is some beautiful that she wants to keep in her life.
Anonymous said: I really suggest Keiko Amano's fanfictions! Especially her best seller one Chasing A Dream. It's still ongoing though. The pairing is NaLu! Also, Haru-Starlietta's fanficitions are awesome too like Summer Love. Also NaLu (I'm a big NaLu fan, sorry!). Keiko Amano's fanfiction, Wife Of The Teacher I Hated, Laxus x Cana is cute too! :D

Cana: So Wendy~ Tell big sister; do you have a crush on someone? Is it Romeo
Wendy: N-No it’s not Romeo it’s… i-its… ummm ;///A///;

Ahhhh yeah I ship these too very hard, Doranbolt X Wendy; freaking adorable. Oh yesh this is from a little mini comic that I’m working on atm. 
And yes I was too lazy to actually draw Doranbolt out.
Anonymous said: Why not Gajevy and Gruvia in The Office?


Well, uh, lets see…Gray could be Ryan, Juvia would be Kelly, Gajeel could be…Dwight, and Levy would be Angela. 

Fairy Tail Fan Calendar Art Contest!



It’s official now, guys!  Yaushie and I are holding a fan art contest for a 2014 calendar!  You can view the official contest blog here! 

You can read everything you need to know in Rules and FAQ, but I’ll list some basic information here:

  • The theme for this calendar is "on a job/mission" and we have predefined teams/guilds that you may choose from (see Rules page for full list)
  • Entries will be accepted from now until November 27!  Any entries after that will not be accepted! (See Rules page for Submission guidelines)
  • Artists may only submit one piece per guild/team, but for as many guild/teams as you want.  For example, you may only submit one piece for Team Natsu, but you can also submit pieces for Crime Sorciere and Sabertooth as well.  However, if you submit more than one piece, only one of your artworks may be chosen for the calendar.
  • We are printing/shipping the calendars through Zazzle, and we will have two sizes available: small ($18.95) and standard ($20.95).  They do ship internationally.

We look forward to seeing all of your lovely art!  Good luck! <3

**Please direct any questions about the calendar, contest, rules, etc. to the contest blog, and not iluvfairytail or yaushie.  Thanks!


a new day

Supposedly Gajeel’s house but Levy has been there too many times and brought too many books, along new items. Like those curtains or the fact Gajeel’s bed has actual sheets now, etc.Pfft an excuse to draw a morning after tho, you don’t need to take it seriously.



(Not in order.)

1. Possession by HawkofNavarre – Every NaLu fan should read this! It’s brilliant!

2. The Princess and the by LeeSUP – The author is REALLY talented and the story is a masterpiece!

3. Dragon’s Guide To Claim Your Mateby BlackLynx17 – The story is…