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rboz got me in a genderbender mood and once I started I couldn’t stop

prompt 3: genderbend

Used Mashima’s official designs for their genderbend, explains why Happy is a dog… Yep.
"Ace Gang" by: Niella-Pan

I call you my friendAnd thats all that I doWhy do I have to pretendTo find ways to be around you? ♪

Levy ran away in the middle of his show so Gajeel continued it in private. He wanted her to listen to the end, you know?
Anonymous said: Who are all of the official couples in Fairy Tail?(:

If you mean canon couples, I think we have Alzack x Bisca and that’s all…?

ravedragon said: Gildarts and Cana’s mum might count since he married her and all

Thank you, I haven’t thought of them!

meagnhensel said: Don’t forget Max and broom


Am I even allowed to do this?
Art by: Pesty-Pan
Am I even allowed to do this?
Art by: Pesty-Pan


YAY! Mangastream translated the Fairy Tail Omake from a while back.


I will always be there for you >>

Title: I will always be there for you

Author: Sr1247

Rated: t

Genre: Romance and Hurt/Comfort

Number of chapter: two (on-going)

Summary: This story starts after Natsu defeats Future Rogue and Rogue is having doubts everyone liking him after what his future self had try to do everyone. As Rogue gets more worried about people liking him, Sting starts to notice thing about Rogue he didn’t notice before. Warning yaoi.

Paring: RoguexSting