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Gajeel in Trouble by ~Cheerilea
I thought it was so cute in the OVA where levy just looked away and said, “heeeee…….” when she was angry at Gajeel and he freaked out about it. So I wondered if she always did this and what it would be like for him.This is my first time using PaintTool Sai and I’m loving it! Allthough, I’m having trouble getting the resolution to work with tumblr. Is there any trick to that? Whenever I try to upload something directly to tumblr, it looks really blurry like the image compression didn’t work.

This was going to be a birthday gift for Rae drawn back in July. But she deserves something better so no, not just for you. This is for Tumblr.
Originally I had Gajeel in something random but his new outfit came out and it worked amazingly well. 

Day 4: Promise

Ohohoho, almost done with my list of prompts, I’m proud of myself (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Next two are mini-doujinshi pages so look forward to that!

As sanity and fate crumble simultaneously…

One of those “Come to your own conclusion” type pieces, heh heh.

Lovers and Friends by *Lulu2222


If you’re not having GaLe feels right now obviously you’re in denial. 

I’m having even more feels after seeing THIS, if that’s even possible! LOVE the contrasts in this, and the colouring is gorgeous, as per the usual from you!